Introduce the Pacific Healthcare Ecosystem VietNam

The Pacific Healthcare Ecosystem Vietnam was established in order to improve the quality of health and intellect for the people of Vietnam throughout the country to gradually switch to high-tech production and chain development, contributing to the state to take the field. education and health sector catch up with regional countries, and expand to international markets with a 30-year vision.

Pacific knows its mission right from the beginning of its establishment to be born to serve the society, serve the people, create a famous Vietnamese health brand that is highly appreciated by the world as a spiritual value for All of our people, looking for talented people, join hands to contribute to making a drawing of Dai Viet. Understanding that mission, the company’s leadership team shared the goal of living in a minimalist way, finding happiness through building each Vietnamese province 1 international health system to help people improve their health and mind wisdom in all parts of the country.

Master Su Duy Bin, General Director & Chairman of Pacific Healthcare EcoSystem

Master Su Duy Bin, General Director & Chairman of Pacific healthcare EcoSystem, was born in 1982, Dien Ban Que – Quang Nam; Alumni of the High School of Le Qui Don Da Nang; Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University of Electronics and Telecommunications; each Director of Maybank securities company Danang; economic advisory board for Danang during the period of party secretary Nguyen Ba Thanh; Founding member, directly managing and supervising the activities of parent companies and subsidiaries, Graduating a master’s degree in money management from Griffith University, Australia; 15 years involved in managing the development of health, education and information technology chains

Master  Huỳnh Minh Việt – CEO Pacific Holdings; Member of Pacific Holdings Board of Directors

Huynh Minh Viet currently serves as the CEO of LeadvisorSanei Hospitality Holdings (LS Holdings) – a joint-venture between Leadvisors Capital Management and Sanei Kenchiku Sekkei.Viet has over 10 years of experiences in finance and investment industry, working as the M&A Analyst at Morgan Stanley (USA), Investment Director at Ecopark Township (Vietnam), and advising global funds and corporations to invest into Vietnam. Prior to joining LS Holdings, Viet served as the CEO of BioSpring, a biotechnology company.Viet holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an M.S. in Industrial Engineering and a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University.

Mr. Trương Văn Toản   General Director & Chairman of Pacific Healthcare Group

The founder member, directly managing and supervising the activities of parent companies and subsidiaries, graduated from a public university in Ho Chi Minh City, MBA in Human Resource Management according to international standards of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics. Experience of 18 years of operation and development in the areas of retail, health and education investment

Doctor Nguyen Huu Nam, president of Pacific Holdings

Dr. Nguyen Huu Nam has experiences in multi-sector investment including health care, energy industry, industrial parks and has spent his 20 years in senior positions at different industries i.e. health care and education management as follows
• General Director, KIM Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery hospital, Ho Chi Minh City
• President, HOA HAO General Hospital, Danang City
• President, Pacific Holdings (including a manufacture, general clinics and specialty clinics)
• General Director, Ivy Education group
• President, Pacific Healthcare Group (including hospitals and resorts)
• Founder and BOD member, VietPow Engergy Group
• BOD member, AI technology company

• Orthopedics – Advanced technology, Post-graduate, Monash Medical Center, Australia, 2005 – appointed by Minister of MoH
• Surgeon, Maxillo Facial department, Central Odonto Maxillo Facial Hospital, 1999 – 2009
Board Certifications:
• Master graduate, 2009
• PhD Researcher, 2007 – 2010

Master Charles Wong -Member of Pacific Holdings Board of Directors

Graduated from top 5 MBA of Harvard University of America, received George F. Baker scholarship; Charles is a Director of Aura Group (“Aura”), where he leads Aura’s Asia team (based out of Singapore) with a purview to grow the group’s South East Asia business. Aura is an independent advisory and investment business with offices in Australia and Singapore. The business has five focused divisions: · Corporate Advisory & Capital Markets
· Venture Capital & Private Equity
· Investment Management
· Legal Services
· Specialist Tax and Accounting Services

Thạc sĩ Andrew Nai – Member of Pacific Holdings Board of Directors

Graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics from Harvard University; Andrew is a Director at Aura Group. Aura Group is a global financial services business specialising in funds management, wealth management and corporate advisory with offices in Australia, Singapore and Vietnam. The business has three focused divisions:
· Corporate Advisory & Capital Markets
· Funds Management
· Wealth Management

Thạc sĩ Torben Kjer – Member of Kim Healthcare Board of Directors

Graduated from the University of Colombia, USA with a master’s degree in economics

IFC (World bank) Project information portal Pacific Holdings

This Summary of Investment Information (SII) is prepared by IFC to disclose a factual summary of the main elements of the potential investment. Its purpose is to enhance the transparency of IFC’s activities. For any project documentation or data included or attached herein, whether prepared by the project sponsor or otherwise, authorization has been given for public release by the project sponsor. IFC considers that this SII is of adequate quality for release to the public, but has not necessarily independently verified all of the project information therein. It is distributed in advance of IFC Board of Directors’ consideration and may be periodically updated thereafter. Board dates are estimates only and this document should not be construed as presuming the outcome of the Board Directors’ decision. The following SII is disclosed in accordance with IFC’s Access to Information Policy (AIP) that went into effect on January 1, 2012. The map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the World Bank, concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries. Country borders or names do not necessarily reflect the World Bank Group’s official position. In some cases, available project location information is limited to the country of the project’s activities. Locations are approximate.
Project Number 41686 Company Name PACIFIC HOLDINGS JOINT STOCK COMPANY Date SPI DisclosedJan 22, 2019 Country Vietnam RegionEast Asia and the Pacific Projected Board DateFeb 21, 2019 Environmental Category B Status Pending SigningLast Updated Date Department Regional Industry – MAS Asia & PacIndustry Health and Education Previous Events Approved : Mar 25, 2019Sector Medical and Diagnostic Services

Project Description : Pacific Holdings Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Pacific Holdings or the Company) is a healthcare group with a footprint in HCMC, Hanoi and secondary provinces, currently primarily focusing on dental care through Kim Dental, which is Vietnam’s largest and leading dental care provider with 26 clinics at the moment. The Company is expanding into polyclinics (general health clinics) and physiotherapy (chiropractic) care. The Company provides high quality services at affordable prices targeting the growing middle-class population. The Company is growing fast, is profitable and managed by a strong management team and dynamic shareholders. Pacific Holdings foresees a large and growing demand in the dental, polyclinic and physiotherapy (chiropractic) care services in Vietnam and plans to open approximately 30 dental clinics, 2 polyclinics and 7 physiotherapy (chiropractic) clinics in the next 2-3 years (the Project)

There are three individual shareholders of Pacific Holdings (the Sponsors):

  • Dr. Nam Huu Nguyen: Chairman of Pacific Holdings and Kim Dental with 18 years of experience in healthcare and dentistry.
  • Mr. Bin Duy Su: CEO of Kim Dental with many years of operating experience. Mr. Bin holds a Master from Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.
  • Mr. Viet Minh Huynh: CEO of Pacific Holdings with extensive experience in investment and finance. Mr. Viet previously worked at Morgan Stanley in Los Angeles and New York, and holds an MBA from Harvard and MS & BA from Stanford

Broader Access to Quality Health Care: The Project will support the expansion of Vietnam’s leading dental care provider as well as a new polyclinic chain, increasing the number of lives reached. Skill Development of Medical Professionals: Pacific Holdings provides training for health care professionals. By expanding its network, Pacific Holdings will increase training opportunities for health professionals in Vietnam, improving the level of skills in the sector. Job Creation: Pacific Holdings’ expansion will create new jobs. These jobs are well sought after within the healthcare sector in Vietnam .

This is a Category B project according to IFC’s Policy on Environmental and Social Sustainability because a limited number of specific and reversible E&S impacts may result, which can be avoided or mitigated by adhering to generally recognized performance standards, guidelines or design criteria. Key environmental, health and safety (EHS), human resources and social issues that were reviewed included the following: E&S management system; working conditions and occupational health and safety of the employees; management of wastewater and biomedical and infectious medical waste; life and fire safety and emergency preparedness and response program; resource use and efficiency; and community engagement

Global Knowledge and Network: IFC will share best practices in different areas of operations, including facilitating introductions within IFC’s network of health care clients. Long Term Capital: IFC’s long term investment horizon suits the cash generation profile of the Company, and the Company and Sponsors value IFC’s intention to remain as a long term investor. Environmental and Social (E&S) Best Practices: As the Company endeavors to improve E&S practices, IFC’s promotion of best E&S practices is highly valued .

M&A investment activities of Pacific Healthcare Ecosystem

Maj Invest (châu Âu) đã đầu tư vào công ty nha khoa Kim Healthcare thuộc tập đoàn Pacific Holdings

Maj invest một quĩ đầu tư lớn đã đầu tư vào hệ sinh thái Pacific Eco

Maj invest

Tham khảo chi tiết

2. Quĩ đầu tư Aura Group (Úc và Singapore) đã đầu tư vào Pacific Holdings

Quĩ đầu tư Aura

Tham khảo chi tiết 

3. Tổ chức tài chính IFC thuộc Ngân hàng thế giới (World bank) nghiên cứu đầu tư vào Pacific Holdings 

Ngân hàng thế giới

Tham khảo chi tiết

Tham khảo chi tiết

4. Nhà đầu tư cá nhân trong nước

5. Nhà đầu tư cá nhân nước ngoài